Synod of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Georgia. (EBC)

The 6th Synod of all Baptist Churches of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Georgia met
May 27 - 28 at the Bethel Centre in Tbilisi.  From all Baptist Churches 65 delegates had been invited.
The bishops and leaders of different organisations of the EBC Georgia gave their reports of activities. At this synod several changes and amendments to the constitution were decided.

The second day began with the re-election of Malkhaz Songulashvili as Archbishop of EBC Georgia and Bishop Merab Gaphrindashvili as President. Bishop Rusudan Gotsiridze was elected as Chairperson of the synod and Bishop Ilia Osephashvili was elected acting Archbishop in the absence of Malkhaz Songulashvili.

The Synod was closed with the celebration of the Eucharist.